Muoki & Kalo

One of the things that makes my work easy when shooting a Wedding is when you have a cooperative couple. Kalo&Muoki were the most cooperative bride & groom I had ever worked with. They were willing to do anything to get good, creative shots, including Kalo taking the mattress out in the balcony for us to create a concept of her waking from the bed with the glimpse of the sun-rise. It was a tiresome day at the end of it, but the results made it worth it._MG_1425_MG_1449_MG_1456_MG_1468_MG_1479_MG_1498_MG_1502_MG_1512_MG_1518_MG_1529_MG_1531_MG_1534_MG_1539_MG_1547_MG_1549_MG_1557_MG_1575_MG_1577_MG_1581_MG_1593_MG_1598_MG_1620_MG_1638_MG_1707_MG_1715_MG_1885_MG_1892_MG_1900_MG_1903_MG_1929_MG_2098_MG_2089_MG_209


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