Allan & Mbaire

These were the days when trains were locomotives. Days when guys would do picnics by the river side or at the the neighbor’s gardens and not in National Parks. These were also the days when Allan and Mbaire would go strolling by the railway waiting for the evening train as they romantically watched the sun, set.

_MG_0987_MG_0986Playing games would be part of their meal as they spent time together. “Tampo” & “By-show, I love you baby, the baby to the sun……..” were the sounds that could be heard, one soprano and the other tenor by those passing by them.

_MG_0992 _MG_0997 _MG_0998Playing balancing acts as they also learnt to balance their lives because soon, they were going to be one and they both needed to know how to balance between career and family.

_MG_1009 _MG_1012Allan would show Mbaire how he was always willing to go out of his way, to make her smile with a dance, and be right at her back to hold her so that she doesn’t fall when she trips off._MG_1018 _MG_1019From her reaction, he felt that was the right time to ask her to marry him._MG_1027 _MG_1031Mbaire knew the answer from her was definitely Yes, in fact she had been waiting for that moment but she decided to play “hard” on him._MG_1033The wind of life was also not going to make it easy for them, but he promised to always be strong for her, offering support at all times and putting a smile, that smile on her face._MG_1036 _MG_1039 _MG_1043He promised to show her what it means for them to learn from the other and share tasks and responsibilities_MG_1046 _MG_1053Standing guard by each other to protect and shield the other from the storm

_MG_1055And those promises would make any girl say YES!! like Mbaire did on this day._MG_1056 _MG_1057Blog timing

_MG_1060First fight ensued….Not so much of a physical fight but wits between whose idea was better than the other. This was when they began discussing about their Wedding day._MG_1063 _MG_1064 _MG_1065 _MG_1068After a while, they decided to put both of their ideas together and walk through each of them. They had already began the great journey of two people who had love to share and were willing to learn how to do it from the other._MG_1074 _MG_1079And Yes! She definitely had the qualities of a good Queen. One who really knew how to take care of her King._MG_1082When finally the sun set, they journeyed to the train station together hand in hand._MG_1087 _MG_1090Making many “LOL” (nyenyenye buubuu) faces along the way…….Just enjoying their day out._MG_1093Thinking of how their lives were now going to change since they had both decided to stick to each other forever._MG_1109 _MG_1123As they looked at each other’s eyes, waiting for the evening train to carry them home, I looked at them thanking God for the blessing of Love and for allowing me tell their sweet Love story.


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