Kadondi & Val

One evening, Kadondi and Val, were both taking a walk in the forest. This was the second time they were visiting the forest but the first together. The first time, while approaching the Waterfall, Kadondi saw Val sitting alone in the only rock that was available — the one right next to her. His smile immediately impressed her. They talked like they’d known each other for years.

_MG_6612 _MG_6589On this second visit, he made her smile endlessly and gave her that little girly giggle. She liked that he was someone special in her life. But looking at him closely, she discovered Kadondi switch off into another world in his mind and she got concerned, wanting to find out what was wrong?! He seemed deeply engrossed in thought._MG_6588_MG_6593He then told her that he had something he wanted to show her , a secret he had never shared with anyone but wanted to share with her for the first time.

_MG_6630Part of their stroll was shamelessly overshadowed by mud and some cleaning in the river was what they needed. A great opportunity for Kadondi’s gentlemanly to show.

_MG_6623 _MG_6621 _MG_6618In the middle of it, they both decided to show off their ballet skills in the muddy terrain with the thistle bushes and pine tress around them.

_MG_6684 _MG_6674After the dance, Val was to realize all this was just a plot to make her not get a hint of what Kadondi was about to do. “Kufumba na kufumbua” he was down on one knee….

_MG_6600 _MG_6598It dint seem like she was going to give him an easy time -Yes! It was going to be hard work to convince her. But deep inside her, she was dancing with a smile!!!…….

_MG_6664So the convincing started! He said, “1st, I am the only man in Nyando who has the capability of building you a Palatial Estate in the middle of a wheat farm”

_MG_6693Then he asked her, “honey, you know I view us as two knives and do you know why its good for us knives to go to the dance together?” She dint have an answer. He replied, “Because we are both sharp!”

_MG_6697 _MG_6696 _MG_6694She was still not convinced enough….

_MG_6699He had to quickly think of a way of making this work before the already lovely evening turned into a great disappointment for him.

_MG_6707He approached her and tried holding her close in his arms….

_MG_6698By this time he was getting tired…..

_MG_6710He decided to give it the last possible short for the day…….. This time just going straight to the point and hoping he won’t have to look for many reasons to persuade the YES! coming out of her..

_MG_6718 _MG_6716And he killed it! Kadondi killed it! All this time, Val was testing his patience with her and nothing else but patience and by now, she was more than convinced that He was the one. What more would make a man happy!……

_MG_6701The rest is history….. When you see them happy, there is a reason, it came from far. And as usual I was more than honored to tell their story and see them walk into greatness together. _MG_6714_MG_6720


6 thoughts on “Kadondi & Val

  1. Beautiful love story…Boss, you’re in the “wrong” career…try creative writing and theater…not that one…the other one like the Kenya National Theater. How I pray that you don’t loose that vivid admiration for each other…keep it that way forever.

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