Victor & Hellen

Once upon a time in a small village in Khwisero, lived a young man called Victor. He had this girl in mind in the village who had swept him off his feet. Her name was Hellen. As the charmer he (Victor) is, it dint take him long before he would secretly get into Hellen’s compound just to see her and charm her with his vibe.            _MG_4604Since they dint want to be caught by Hellen’s parents as they came from the day’s work, they would make most time of what they had before it got dark. As Hellen’s Father especially was known to be a lion in the village one who would not take it easy with any man assuming to consider his daughter for a date leave alone marriage.

_MG_4603 _MG_4601And from the look of things as this went by, it seemed as Victor’s charms were working on Hellen, because even the few of their friends who knew what was going on, they would be found saying, “khai! si nawa teys Hellena kana smile! Tsangu khale kha khichana Ficda kadoklesee kwa pigcha!……” (wow nowadays Hellen is full of smiles. Since that guy Victor came to her picture….)_MG_4600_MG_4599 _MG_4593She would endlessly laugh at his jokes, even when they were “not” funny!

_MG_4591 _MG_4588And before long, they were planning for their Wedding…….

He took her far from the countryside for honeymoon where they would just be the two of them surrounded by lush green flower estates and beautiful sites of hills. _MG_4622 _MG_4610Honeymoon was over before long and it was back to the real deal that they signed for on their Wedding. The marriage.

Every time he came home from work, exhausted from a day full of “drama” in his office…….. Hellen received her husband so well……

_MG_4638 _MG_4642Nicely playing the role of a Loving, caring and submissive Wife to the husband. Embracing her with a smile on her face hence transferring it to him.

_MG_4645And 1st in the plate would be stories of each other’s day that they would document to each other. Then they would laugh, and make fun of some of the people he had to come across at work, and she would tell him how the neighbor’s kid came crying at their door….._MG_4657 _MG_4656_MG_4655Then of course at the end of the day he would not escape the bit of the conversation where she would want to find out, “so babe, what did you bring for me?! Before even this conversation continues”. And “oops! I never saw that coming”, he would respond, now the conversation would have to shift to a “task” of him explaining why he dint come with either some piece of cake, chocolate or some flowers or a card for her. _MG_4660And sometimes, the roles would turn around, this time it would be her trying to convince him to smile even though he forgot to pick his favorite series for him on her way home from the super market.

_MG_4684All in all, they still are a lovely couple enjoying their marriage ever since they started meeting back in the village in Khwisero and I was so happy and honored to have lived to tell their story.


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